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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

He was very helpful and friendly and low-key. He spent a lot of time with me on a Saturday afternoon without showing any impatience. I really liked one house in particular but I wasn't "in love" with it, so, I lingered, hoping that I could find a spark. He calmly answered all my questions without ever implying he wished he was elsewhere. He was attentive and polite the whole time. I would strongly recommend him to anyone searching for a house (or lot) in the greater Brattleboro area.  - BV

AJ was very knowledgeable about the local real estate market. He was easily accessible and very responsive to our questions and concerns. I would highly recommend AJ for any real estate needs.  - AF

This guy gets back to you! When looking at houses other agents were slow to respond. A.J. Responded right away. He was gracious enough to show us more than 10 houses, and along the way he gave both honest and very helpful information. I will no doubt buy my next house from him. Could not recommend him enough!  - NL & GL

AJ was our buyers agent and helped us purchase our first home. His down to earth and pragmatic approach and advice were helpful to navigate the bumps along the path to closing. He was readily available to show us homes over the course of a year that we were looking, came to our house to go over documents so our kids could get to bed on time, and was ready with phones numbers for local contractors and inspectors who were reliable and affordable. After closing he even went the extra mile and helped us get rid of items the previous owners had left behind. I highly recommend him. Thanks AJ!   - AC & JC

A.J. was very positive in selling our home. He was able to sell the home before it was even listed. He provided realistic evaluations and calmed my nervous brother with practical suggestions. He was very honest and dependable and worked hard to keep up on to date on the closing information. It was a pleasure doing business with him. - PB & LB

The day I met AJ Bellville, he said he would do his best to sell our house and I'll keep you informed of what happened with each people who visit our house. He followed his words from the day that he took our house under his wings! He showed it like his own. The realtor who gets the job done! The realtor is not trying to run the show for himself, he wants to take care of you! - BH & DH


A.J. was very helpful throughout the whole process. He is extremely professional and went above and beyond to help with any questions and issues that we had buying our home. He makes the buying experience very low stress and enjoyable. I would recommend him to anyone seeking an agent for selling or buying. - JM
AJ was our realtor on our first house. He helped us locate an affordable house that met our needs. He never tried to show us homes that didn't interest us or were out of our price range. He was extremely responsive and always in our 'corner' making sure that everything was proceeding smoothly with the bank, the seller's realtor, and the attorneys. He made sure that we knew and understood each step of the very trying home buying process. We HIGHLY recommend AJ to our friends and family! We are appreciative of his support and work through out the process. He has checked in with us multiple times after the closing to make sure everything is going well! HO
I couldn't have had a better experience. He was friendly and accommodating. We traveled from across the country to look at properties, so we had to see as many as possible in the short time we had. He set up all the homes we wanted to see and a couple more. We put an offer on one of the homes we hadn't asked to see. We based our offer on his recommendation and we negotiated a fair price. Since then, he has been excellent in keeping in touch with us to let us know where things stand or even just to reassure us that all is going well.  - SM

AJ came highly recommended and he was awesome throughout the entire process. Straight up no bs and was quick to respond when I had questions or issues. - AB

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